Loving Heart Christian Child Care

Loving Heart Christian Child Care, founded in 1998, is a nonprofit, licensed child care center partially funded by Hartville Church of the Brethren. Loving Heart Christian Child Care provides both full and part time programs for children in Lake Township and the surrounding communities. In 1998, our new facility opened at 353 Crestmont Avenue in Hartville. This care center is governed by a Commission of the Hartville Church of the Brethren and operates with Christian principles, a planned curriculum, and parent involvement. Loving Heart Christian Child Care is staffed by Christian teachers educated and experienced in child development and early childhood education.


Loving Heart Christian Child Care seeks to enhance the development of each child. The learning environment, activities, and daily schedule foster spiritual, social, emotional, physical, cognitive and creative development through experience-based, hands-on activities and play. Our underlying principle is to provide a basic Christian foundation that will promote children’s self-confidence and the love of learning.

Loving Heart Christian Child Care provides a nurturing loving environment within which young children grow and develop. We view ourselves as an extension of each child’s family. As such, we strive to develop supportive relationships with parents throughout their Loving Heart Christian Child Care involvement.

Loving Heart Christian Child Care enrolls children with differing social and ethnic backgrounds from Lake Township and surrounding communities. We are committed to providing all children enrolled with a multicultural curriculum and experiences. Loving Heart Christian Child Care welcomes students of any race, color, religion, gender, and national origin.


Teachers use a variety of activities including children’s literature, Bible stories, indoor and outdoor play, art, music, movement, creative dramatics, and field trips to promote the individual, social and emotional goals and cognitive development of each child within a Christian setting.

INDIVIDUAL GOALS – Increasing awareness and control of the body and its movement in space; fostering curiosity; understanding and control of the environment; expressing self verbally, artistically, musically, and dramatically, and promoting self help skills and independence.

SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL GOALS – Expressing feelings and understanding the feelings of others; learning alternative problem-solving techniques; developing cooperation; developing friendships; learning to lend a helping hand; and learning to take the perspective of others.

COGNITIVE GOALS – Language development, both expressive and receptive; conceptual knowledge regarding the world around us; developing emergent literacy skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing; fostering number and math awareness; and perceptual skills.



It is Loving Heart’s goal to create an atmosphere of Christian love and nurturing to each infant. We realize that each infant creates their own schedule, and that parents/staff communications is of utmost importance in order to provide your little one with their individual needs. We stimulate your infant with conversation, music and a wide variety of floor activities to enhance their growth.


The toddler and preschool programs are designed to provide various learning experiences in a Christian environment. We believe children learn from doing. The planned activities provide the children with experiences in math, science, language development, music and games, creative arts, fine and gross motor, and also encourage free choice to enhance social interaction and self-expression.

Lesson plans and weekly themes are posted in each classroom for parental viewing.

Diaper changing and toileting throughout the day as needed.

Loving Heart recognizes holiday and birthday celebrations and encourages parent participation in helping us celebrate.

As stated in our title, we are a Christian child care. Therefore, Loving Heart will remain a Christian environment at all times.

Bible stories and Bible songs will be a part of our daily lesson plan.


We feel that these children spend most of their day in an academic environment at school. Therefore, we will provide these children with an atmosphere of relaxation, planned crafts, homework help, and free choice activities.

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