Projects: Library

Posted on September 23, 2009

During Kids Club this week, the helpers were discussing the various projects going on in the church. You may have noticed the library room has been closed off. That’s because this is one of the major projects that are underway.

The carpet in this room was original to the chuch and the padding was all bunched up underneath. So it was due for replacement. All of the shelves have been cleaned out and the books stacked. Phil and Jon have been working hard at getting the new carpet in.

Now once the carpet has been put down and the shelves returned, we’ve over 1000 books to put back on the shelves. Carol Yakupcak (Cupcake 🙂 ) has volunteered to be our new libarian during this process. She has a friend who can provide her with libary software to catalog our whole collection. She plans to provide a library computer to catalog, search and lend/track the books.

Our library is fairly large with Videos, DVDs, Tapes, CDs, Bibles, Novels, Study Guides, Programming Resources and Devotionals. It is a fair statement to say that no one has a clear idea of all of the resources we have at our finger tips… Thanks to this volunteer project, that is soon to change. If you’d like to help send us an email at

If you have a project you’d like to champion, or have an idea about a way this church can fill a need (even if you don’t want be the one to see it through), send us an email at and see what can be accomplished!

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