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At the Hartville Church of the Brethren, our mission is to live, love, think and act like Jesus. He came to offer Himself up as the ultimate sacrifice for human sin and to reconnect and restore humans with our Heavenly Father. Jesus reached out to everyone…EVERYONE. At the Hartville COB our goal is to connect people with different abilities with God and the faith community. Beginning July 11, 2021, our Worship Service will look a little different to become an ability inclusive service.

We will have time to interact with and connect with others throughout our service. Our service will include all the elements of the ‘traditional’ worship service such as singing, reading of Scripture and prayer. However, it will also include other activities to help all people with all abilities to be interactive with God and His Word on a deeper level. An experience to grow closer to God in different ways.

At Hartville COB people with different abilities are not just welcomed, but are accepted as members of our faith family and are encouraged to worship with us, as well as serve the Lord with us. Here, everyone is welcome to be a part of the Lord’s table. If you are interested in worshiping with us, but have some concerns, or would like to tour our facility, please feel free to contact Pastor Anthony at 330-877-9480 or Jocelyn at 330-880-1809. Our goal at Hartville COB is to do everything that we can in order to make everyone’s worship experience as meaningful as possible.

Our worship service is every Sunday at 10:30am. We look forward to worshiping the Lord with you.